We analyzed the price of 6 million products during Black Friday

In a world of fake news, it’s hard to decide what to believe.
When it comes to Black Friday, one half of the internet is all for the deals, while the other half is claiming that the whole thing is a hoax, and deals are in fact, fake. So far, with little to no evidence, it was almost impossible to decide whether we are getting the real deal.

The only thing that was for sure is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales events of the year, and most people won’t be able to resist the deals. Sometimes though you wonder, is it too good to be true?

To help our users, We decided to get to the bottom of it. We have analyzed the price of the top 6 million products from Amazon to see how prices fluctuate and if the savings are real.

Pricy has found that products fall into three categories.

You save, but not as much as you think

In the first category, the price of the product dramatically increased a week before Black Friday, just so that it can have a bigger drop in percentage on the actual day.

The price before the drop was consistently the same, and the Black Friday price was still lower than the usual price, so it’s true that you are still saving money, just not as much as you think.

In our example, if you look at the chart, you can see that the price of this TV was $350 since September, and then the price increased to $399.99 a week before Black Friday. Now it’s $299.99. This way, it looks like you are saving $100, when in reality, it’s closer to $50.

The saving is real, but not exclusive to Black Friday

In the second category, the price of the product has really dropped, but not for the first time. The price fluctuates a lot and there is a significant drop time to time.

Probably, this category is the most important, and this is where Pricy comes in handy.

If you can see that there is a product with a price that fluctuates a lot, then you can choose to take a break this Black Friday and lighten the load on warehouse workers, couriers, and the environment. With Pricy browser extension, you can see if you can anticipate another drop, and if so, wait for it.

It’s the real deal

The third category is the real deal. When looking at the price history, you can see that there is a real drop in the price, and there hasn’t been another one in a while.

These are the real Black Friday deals of Amazon.

In conclusion, deals can be deceiving, but they can also be real. If you would like to be more mindful with your Amazon shopping, then you can use Pricy browser extension, and start watching the prices.

This way, you can see how prices work on Amazon, and save all year long.