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Pricy helps you find the best time to buy

How it works

Add to Chrome
Add Pricy Extension to your browser using the button above.
Open Amazon
Open any product on
Watch Price
Pricy will appear directly integrated into amazon, just below the price tag.
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Never overpay again

Pricy will always tell you when the price of the product is high and if it’s worth waiting for a better price.

Based on the price history, Pricy calculates you the appropriate price for a product.
Price History

Check the price history

Just hover over, and Pricy will show you how the price changed in the past so you can easily find trends and get ready for the big drop.
Watch Price

Instant price drop notifications

Set a price that you would pay for the product. Pricy will monitor the price and send you a notification as soon as it drops below your defined price.
Check out our latest Project

MarketGap Pro

MarketGap helps you find Profitable Products to sell on Amazon FBA. As you browse Amazon, MarketGap's browser extension shows you key insights of each product directly on Amazon's page.

These insights include:
  • -Amazon FBA Calculator
  • -Estimated monthly sales revenue
  • -Average selling price
  • -Number of sellers

Gain an edge over the competition by understanding what type of sellers are in the market, and how they are performing. Easily spot products with growing or declining sales trends, and make informed decisions on what products to sell.